Three Bras // One Day


Bra One: Lace Black Demi Cup from Free People

Corresponding Adventure: Rose Bowl Flea Market ** & Lunch at The Misfit 

Cohort(s): Momma!

**Shoutout to the guy who snuck us in the back. I mean common. Wait in line? Follow rules?  Pffft. This Mother-Daughter duo scoffs in the face of your rules and your listed prices. You better believe we are going to bargain witchu.


Gluten free!!! ^^

Bra Two: Nude Strapless from V.Secret bought 3 years ago**

Corresponding Adventure: Babe Sittin’

Cohort(s): Aforementioned Babes G & C

**This was bought after an ex BF decided he couldn’t figure out my previous classic nude strapless bra’s clasp and went with yanking instead of unclasping. Two thumbs down. But this bra gets two thumbs up!  


Little male models ^^

Bra Three: Simple and black circa Macy’s 2013**

Corresponding Adventure: Rosh Hoshana Dinner

Cohort(s): Steph, her parents, and intimate*** family friends

**Putting this on under my dress in the car was a struuuugal and the girls were a little off center the whole night

***yes I felt beyond honored to be there


All in all, it was a wonderful Sunday and my heart was so full.

<<Until poor Steph broke her foot and Alex had to run to the store for athletic tape while Steph layed on the couch and I fed her vodka shots>>


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