…the heck am I?

I suppose this forum is where I find out.

I’m 24 25 26 living in LA, working for an incredible hotel, curating creative materials, facilitating the marketing & PR.

I like camping, the fair, hot showers, the ocean, spicy tuna, and long walks on the beach (JK to that last part). But I do tend to obsess over  running, spinning, and yoga-ing.

My bedroom is filled with an excessive amount of clothes, candles, and a framed photo of Bob Dylan.

I prefer iced coffee to frappacinos. Green tea to sake. Skiing to snowboarding. I’ll probably drown before I ever successfully surf. I’ll always choose the book and probably never see the movie. I love seeing live music more anything in the world. Love and adore Jesus more than the world itself. Independent but with a strong desire to hang with my mom at least once a month.

I just figure I’m not the only one going through all this ish of being in our twenties. And maybe there are other people out there who are feeling the same as me.



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