The Last Weekend of Summer

Saturday morning I woke up, went for a run, and braced myself for a three hour graphic design class where my fellow peers figured out that I had absolutely no idea what-the-heck I was doing.

As it turns out, my project was on the same level as everyone else’s! My professor actually liked it! I got extra claps!

My professor also ended up having laryngitis (thus the clapping), and after our lesson we were let out early for time in the computer lab.

Which I translated into : Extra time for going down to Venice to grab a drink!

.. Or six. (Judge me)

Hotel Erwin  vv

Needless to say we were in bed  by 9 PM, which worked out since I had to be up early on Sunday for brunch in Huntington with the girls.

Aloha  vv

Followed by some babe sittin’ complete with bubbles and snuggles.


And to end it all – a drink and some good conversation with Des.

 Harlowe Bar vv

All in all, another great weekend.

Hashtag happy heart. Hashtag blessed.

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