So at what point does a hangover go from dehydration & self pity to a form of cruel and unusual punishment? I’m thinking it happened the second I turned 25 but I still don’t completely comprehend this occurrence. Like is it permanent? I don’t know.

Consequentially, as of last April, I’ve  slowly started to taper off my bar hoping and mid week rum&diets. I’m still all about those Roomie Wine Nights, but no longer putting in efforts to finish a magnum of 7/11 $4.99 Barefoot Moscato on a Monday night.

In other words I’m attempting to Adult,as a verb.

Needless to say I was completely stoked when Des asked if I wanted to skip the standard Labor Day weekend parties to go hang with her fam in Mammoth.

Day 1: 

The weekend was glorious! Lots of sleeping in and long mornings. Small hikes and big dinners.

Here we are discovering Mary & George (ze lakes). Just call us Columbus cas we own all this ish now:

Desi’s fam ^^


Day 2:

First the fault line crack in the earth. Oh how I wanted to climb down into that ish. How weird would it be to know you’re down in a fault crevice and if it moved even a little you could be crushed or fall forever..


    Daddy Daughter moment

No makeup which is simultaneously wonderful.. and slightly terrifying when I’m caught off guard by my passing reflection.

These pine cones were on a mission to smash me in the head. This sweet pup liked them though.  


Next up! Hot springs complete with arsenic and a dead coyote! 


Our reward …Banana Royale! Bomb AF.

This chick was determined to climb on every large piece of wood she could find. So to finish it off, here’s a montage! Enjoy!

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