Lull – eh – byeee 

Alright guys time for a little honesty – I’m in a lull.

I haven’t messed up in a good month so I’m not trying to overcome anything. I haven’t been partying it up. My sex life is the equivalent of this:

So there isn’t like a pregnancy scare (don’t act like this isn’t a thing) or an emotional battle to mix things up.

I’m bored. Getting up in the morning is a Struuuh-guullll.

The only one who can change this is myself. So here it goes. Some new goals:

1. No more mother effin dairy. No more cheese sticks, no more ice cream, no more low fat cool whip. Even Greek yogurt is off the table cas Lord knows it’s a dairy gateway drug.

2. Let’s start getting legit ready for work in the morning – no more ballerina buns and a lack of eyeliner.

3. Go to the freakin dry cleaners already. Aren’t you bored of black cardigans?

4. Mix things up a bit – how about some morning workouts! (Haha no I’m kidding. I can’t get up any earlier.)

5. Clean your room dammit.

6. Let’s start meal preppin’! Whoop whoop get excited!

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