Dan’s Birthday Weekend Adventures!

Yesterday was … memorable.

1. It started with a little yoga at my favorite studio – YAS in Venice Beach.


2. Then the hike on Mishe Mokwa where Danielle decided she didn’t want to live anymore.

3. A quick swim in the Pacific Ocean

4. And then the most bizarre dinner at Fork in the Road on Main Street in Santa Monica.



<< I would really love to go into detail about the poor service and poor life choices the restaurant staff was making.. but this isn’t Yelp so I’m just going to say I will never go here again. >>

Update: So I wrote the head chef an email describing the experience we had and he wrote me back such a kind and thoughtful apology email within the hour.   

Luckily I have these incredible ladies in my life who make for the best nights. Dan and I laughed the whole day, we made it to yoga, went hiking, swam in the ocean, and at the end of it all I had some great conversations (and sing-a-longs) with my girls. And we were all in bed before midnight!

<< Happy birthday my beautiful friend. Love you to pieces. >>

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