In almost two weeks exactly until I will be a quarter of a century old. Good Lord.

Twenty-three was the year of tough, necessary life changes (as documented via blog)

i.e. moving to LA, new apartment, new job (x2), the mutual end to a long relationship with an amazing man, and some incredible new friends. Not to mention a plethora of new hobbies and the new acquisition of internet and cable.

Twenty-four, a full  year of celebrating life. The PC way of saying – I totally partied my tushy off.

Somehow, between these last couple years though, I’ve set myself up for year twenty-five: The year of ambition and accomplishing goals. It’s like the wind changed and I no longer feel the desire to blow off steam with a double Pim’s Punch from The Misfit. While I still love the festival attire, the festival activities are no longer as tempting. I’d rather go camping with some buds (any one up for a trip soon?). Hangovers feel like a waste more than ever, and I love being up early before the rest of Santa Monica. Meanwhile I have this incredible group of friends, and to top it all off, my new director and I sat down and configured a career path for me.

I’m happy. Stoked to see where this new path leads me. Excited to document it here.

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