Day 6 : No Coffee

Alright, today is DAY 6 : NO COFFEE.

And am I dying? Nope. I’m a little family of one and I have my chores, but here’s what I’ve accomplished tonight:

That Ironing I’ve been putting off for like 6 months. I totally get now why my flat iron doesn’t compare to a real iron.


Finally found a dry cleaner I can afford (and trust). I have this weird phobia of patterns, so I save my busiest blazers for the very end. I’m feeling much more balanced now that I know these plain, basic, wonderful blazers are back in my closet. Clean and pressed.


Sorted coins. Cleaned the ones I found at the bottom of an old forgotten thrift story purse.


 Washed my clothes – or at least a few things for work, all my work out pants, and all my sports bras. Once you’re out of sports bras, you know its time to do laundry. No more procrastinating. IMG_7356.JPG

And I made lasagna! It was supposed to be a “throw everything from the fridge and cupboard together” kind of meal. But I ended up needing three more types of cheese. Still. Pretty bomb. Who knew I could cook lasagna without a recipe? Who knew I could cook lasagne?


And of course I watched this BAE’s new music video half a dozen times. IMG_7341.PNG

Im thinking this  no coffee thing is workin’ for me. Not only am I still productive as heck, I’m sleeping through the night. It’s a win-win.

Aiiight… now time to go do the dishes and grab my laundry from the building’s communal dryer.

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