My Kindred Spirit

Today was a wonderful little day with good, sweet friends.

Michelle and I are two very different people

She grew up in the country, played water polo, volunteered with her church. I grew up in annoyingly wealthy suburbia, I suck at sports, and I never went to church until college.

She lives on a bunch of land with horses and I think maybe a dog or two. I live in spacious, LA apartment.

She’s married with a babe… I’m single as fuhhh.

I say the “F” word, and variations of it. She prays before eating.

But for some reason she’s my kindred spirit. Someone I learn from constantly. And somehow I guess I inspire her too.

Today was filled with tiny adventures of italian sandwiches, gluten free bagels, and homemade ice cream. We also took Meesh and Bent’s 8-month-old babe down to the beach. He’s old enough now to grasp the concept of sand – even if he can’t quite grasp that it’s not food.

It was nice to be apart of their fam for a day. Satiated my ovaries. Plus, babies make the simple things wonderful. I came home to my empty little apartment with a full heart, ready to cook dinner and do laundry. I’m a family of one, but that’s okay. Life is still magical, if not because I have such wonderful people in my life. But more so because I’ve been blessed with such a full life. How lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life, who influence me so positively, even though I live so differently.




And the standard protocol Saturday night: 





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