Single Lyfe Lessons

Perhaps I should say, “What i’ve learned from being single.. thus far.” But I kind of have this feeling that my solo-dolo stint is comin’ to an end. If only because I believe in the power of attraction, and I’ve been repelling men like they’re all holding the key to my own personal hell. Or rather, they’re fueled by the second circle of it. (Fun Fact: Dante’s second circle of hell is lust. See what I did there?) And I’m over my anti-man phase. So who knows what’s yet to come.

Regardless, I’ve been single for a while. Like really single. Really, really single. Not even a cuddle buddy single. And I’m so incredibly grateful that I was blessed with the strength to stay single for this long. Because here are 14  amazing things that I’ve learned about myself because of my metaphorical solitary confinement:

1. That I love to cook for people. I’m not just a baker, I can cook. Especially if there’s cheese involved. Or truffle salt. Or both.

2. That I find rap music offensive. For example I can’t handle that song “Mediocre.” Like get out of here you sexist douche. I hope you never get oral sex again.

3. That I love to take care of my home – laundry, clean sheets, vacuuming, dishes. Especially when it’s appreciated by my roomies. But regardless, a clean home makes me happy in my core.

4. That I love to write.

5. That going to bed early and waking up early makes me oh so healthy, wealthy, and wise. And productive. Which relieves stress. Also it keeps me out of trouble. It’s a win-win all the way around.

6. That I can work out every day and I’m inevitably a nicer person for it. And I don’t just love running. I love spin, barre, hot yoga, cold yoga, swimming. Still not a fan of weight training but who knows.

7. That I can whip up a batch of exceptionally delicious coffee. I used to always think that the coffee I made tasted like dirt. Turns out I’m a coffee genius… just a late bloomer (like with everything else).

8. That when I don’t have someone coaxing me to snuggle all the time, I have a crap ton of energy and I’m abnormally productive. This applies to the time I have before work, after work, and during work.

9. That I can accomplish any goal I set for myself. That’s not to say I don’t reevaluate and change my mind and go after something new; but I truly can be the exact person I want to be.

10. That I like to party and can be a really, really fun drunk. I still fall asleep at inappropriate times, (like in a diner), but before I do I’m a happy camper.

11. That I don’t like to drink all the time. I function better sober and not hung over, and I don’t see the point of even drinking a glass of wine every day after work. I’d rather do laundry, run to Target, cross stuff off my never-ending list of things to do.

12. That I love God. And He loves me as his daughter. And this fills holes in my heart I never realized I had. Or maybe I did, but I was filling them with the wrong things.

13. That boredom and loneliness are thought provoking, strengthening, and inspiring.

14. That I don’t think I fully understood love before – or at least not how complex and extensive the definition is.

Like I said, I have no idea what’s yet to come, but I’m excited. The world is bigger than I thought, and my world is 10x what I thought it could be… and I’m beyond stoked and grateful.



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