Oh I’m A Mess

Little mini catch up per my iPhone:




Offsite meeting with mah boss ladies^



Halloweeeeen at my family’s house. ^^ (Although I actually kind of took it to show my girlfriends how creepy my parent’s house is. A piano room? Really? Why.)

WestEdge Design Fair






 I swear …life knocks you down every once in a while, because it gives you a chance to adjust. Re-evaluate. Humans stay stagnant if they aren’t given a reason to change. But boy has this week been tough.

Things I’m attempting: 

1. Not to take things personally

2. To remember that I am independent of my mistakes – and so is my value. In fact, mistakes are normal.

3. To take care of myself regardless of how grumpy I feel – i.e. face masks, hair masks, Frank scrubin’, spin every morning, full nights rest, skippin’ the alc

Also I’m on a diet:

1. No candy – unless gifted from another. Like my boss gave me a snickers because she knew I was having a bad day. So it would have been rude not to eat that.

2. No alcohol – other than red wine. Because red wine is kinda gross so I know I won’t over-indulge.

3. No going over $3 in Yogurtland

Current Music Obsession:


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