I’m so in love with this little life of mine. My friends and lovers; potential lovers. I’m smitten with those who push my buttons and make me question myself. I love the procrastinating in the mornings before work. I love the inordinate amount of coffee I drink all day every day (despite disapproving looks). I love working hard in order to say that I do better than the day before. I’m so happy in my little room in my little rent controlled apartment with my two wonderful roomies. I adore the satisfaction that I get cleaning our kitchen and lighting a candle. I love that when I feel a little lonely alone in my room I just need to look up and see all the faces smiling down on me from my frames and collages. I love that all of these framed, displayed memories are mine. And I love that when I’m still lonely, I can look up further and know how loved and adored I am by this wonderful God of ours.

Current music obsession: BANKS, Beggin for Thread

“And I don’t have a filter, but I’m so tired of eatin’ all my unspoken words”

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