IMG_6189.JPGToday I saw my best friend, Amy, for the first time in months. She went on a road trip across the United States. Once she was finally home, we were both so busy we could never find mutual time to hang out. But today last night we say Die Antwoord live at the Paladium – something we’ve been looking forward to for weeks.

She’s the one who knows me inside and out, backwards and forwards. The one who knows who I used to be. The one who knows what I’m thinking and why I should probably reconsider before my thought process has even come out of my mouth. The one who then sits patiently and listens to my stream of thoughts and theories. She’s the one who has pointed out some of my fatal flaws and told me that she wouldn’t stand for them and that she loved me.  The one who discusses religion and culture and society and literature and movies and men and family and life with me.

I am currently part of a wonderful trio of ladies – The Three Bests we call ourselves. But I used to be apart of a different trio. One that included my best friend, Amy, and my ex boyfriend, Mas. We were inseparable.  We did everything together. We’d even sleep in the same bed, with me in the middle cuddling them both. When Mas and I broke up, Amy cried too. It was the end of an era.

Today Amy and I sat on my floor and talked about all of it. Our lives have done a 180 since before she went on her road trip. And even thought we’ve kept in contact, there are so many little nuances that have gone un-instagrammed, un-documented.

I feel so happy and my heart is so full. How wonderful to have a friend  like Amy. We have such different styles of life, but when it all boils down, we are still on the same path of trying to better ourselves. I’m so blessed for my new little life, but even more so that I get to keep Amy. How wonderful that we are still so compatible, even with everything changing so drastically.

I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such a life. How could I ever deny that God loves me as his daughter when I am blessed with so much? And the more I just let go and “Let God,” the better my life gets.

Current Music Obsession: Die Antwoord, I Fink U Freeky




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