Women I admire


If you haven’t seen Emma Watson’s HeForShe speech at the UN, you should probably do so now.

Here I’ll help you: Emma and her inspiring brilliance

She is such a role model for all of us girls – she always has been. And she’s part of a whole slew of women in the media who exemplify what it is to be a sophisticated, intelligent, and classy young woman.

However, I struggle with this a little, because I will never be that sophisticated. I look up to Lauren Conrad and her ability to be such a powerful young CEO, but I will never be that put together. I look up to Nicole Richie and her ability to pull it together, but I mean, let’s be honest, I’ll never be that funny or quirky.  I love and obsess over the Olsen Twins and their fashion careers, but they’re so reserved and beautiful in a way I fail at every time I open my mouth. I love Emma Roberts.. and honestly I’m probably more like her than anyone.. but still. She’s so beautiful and creative and thin.  (Can you tell I’m a daughter of the 90’s)

It’s just that all these wonderful women are so … perfect.

And this is why I write. If you’ve ever wondered why I put my life on display for all to read, it’s because of this very reason. I write about the mess. I write about figuring out the mess. I write about forgiving myself for the mess. Because that’s how life is in the real world. It’s wonderful and beautiful and blessed and oh so messy. And we have so many beautiful celebrities and socialites to look up today. Writing reminds myself what’s real and what’s important.


Current Music Obsession:

Ive always loved this one

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