Happy and hopeful


That moment when you realize that you, alone, are enough.

Thank you wonderful friends for all your lovin and support.
And thank you handsome hunny’s for making me feel so wonderful and for being such a nice distraction.
And thank you Ma and Tay for being my rock no matter what.
And thank you work for giving me purpose.

But this morning in my groggy, sleepy haze I found a new appreciation for who I am and all that I do.

And now that I no longer live with my ex-hunny, and all that unnecessary pain has diminished, I think it’s time to go back to living for myself. Focusing on my goals. Being single. Mitigate the distractions. Working harder than hard.

Happy and hopeful for what’s happening.

(My ex-hunny and my keys!!!! It’s overrrr!)



Categories: Men, Quotes & Wise Words

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