Randoms that bring me happiness

Today my best/manager and I talked over breakfast about the homeless man that a Good Samaritan put up in our 4 star hotel:20140630-220609-79569408.jpg

Yesterday Mas told me he’d help me move. I didn’t even hafta ask. I won’t take him up on it. But it’s the fact that he’s still my friend. It’s the fact that he’s still bringing home masking tape because I need some. It’s the fact that we still share food. Partly because I can never finish a solid portion; and partly because he checks his ice cream to see if it has gluten in it still. I’m guna need a few months – maybe a year – but I think eventually I’ll have this wonderful friend who steals all my lighters. The only lighter I have left is the one he bought me from a Walmart in Portland as a memento last year.

Today my best and her hubby (and consequentially their 6 month baby) offered to help me move. And my parents offered to buy me a UHaul.

Yesterday I made $90 in tips. And today I spent it on a Honey Brazilian.

Today my girlfriend and I texted long, thoughtful messages about friends and boys and all that we’ve learned. We’ve seriously come so far these last couple years. Holy moly.

Today my hunny texted me happy texts about how wonderful he is in Virginia. The fact that this boy is so happy and stress free (and wants to share it with me) makes me blissful.

Today I packed up my apartment. I wish I could explain how proud I am. This was such a huge task. Now I can finally do some real cleaning.


This week I’ve actually watched several RedBox movies AND returned them the next day! Who actually follows through and does that!? I do apparently!

Life’s pretty bitter sweet right now. It’s (as Steph says) the end of an era. It’s (as Amy says) the beginning of a new chapter.

Things are moving forward. Which means I need to make room for The New to come into my life. It’s simple to get rid of clothes and jewelry I never wear. Giving mas the Pyrex measuring cup and the sheets my mom bought us felt easy. Putting away pictures so I have empty frames to use isn’t hard.

But there are a lot of wonderful people entering into my life – new roomies, new hunny (who is truly one of the good ones ), new friends and coworkers. And realizing that, in order to make room for all these wonderfuls, I have to give up the old the same as I did with my dresses and shoes, is kind of killin me today.

Every time I stopped cleaning and packing I would spot something – an old book Amanda (my previous Roomie) lent me, a picture collage Terra (my previous friend) made me, concert tickets and turkey trot medals Mas (my previous boyfriend) and I accumulated. I dunno. Today could have really sucked balls.

But somehow, because of all the lovelies I’m my life, it’s now 10 pm and I’m alone and quiet, and I feel happy. I feel full. I may be moving on from this apartment and Mas and our old friends, but I have some incredible new ones. And some amazing new roomies. And some hard core old friends whom I love to pieces.




(Also yesterday I got serenaded. It was perfect haha)

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