I am ze master

Last night after work I went out with a few wonderfuls. Embarrassingly enough I went mostly for the food. I still cannot finish a single drink at Cabo Cantina without it inhibiting my ability to drive.


Still, by the time I got home I was kinda loopy. I collapsed on my bed and couldn’t move. Completely drunk on exhaustion.

Needless to say this morning was a struggle. And I was out of creamer for my coffee.

This morning was complete 180 from yesterday – no run, no productivity, no coffee. I was too tired to even enjoy my book. But I’m trying this new thing where I’m the master of my own happiness – so I napped a little and threw on clothes and headed to Starbucks. There was no parking but still — master of my own happiness.

And I have to admit : I’m pretty content. Especially now that I have coffee.

I know this sounds silly and nominal, but in the hustle and bustle of this modern day world, sometimes it’s the little things that make me happy – things like “likes” on my insta photos, texts from the boy, when my favorite undies are clean and ready to be worn, being able to find a single bra (seriously where do they all go?!).

But somehow I forgot that I need to be able to maintain my happiness even when all those things go wrong. Because my happiness is completely dependent upon me.

I just plum forgot this. I’m grateful to be back studying Buddhism and praying to God. The combo of the two keeps me grounded.


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