Work BFF

Let’s talk about all the reasons why my Work BFF is a serious platonic blessing to my life:

1. Let’s start with yesterday at 2AM, when he was prepared to come pick me up from whatever corner of LA I was in, no matter who I was with. Because he knew I’d been spiraling the last couple of weeks and was in over my head with this new guy.

2. He ensured that we saw Hotel Buddapest together after he found out how badly I wanted to see it; and he actually got offended when I almost saw it with someone else.

3. He waits for me after he gets off work to walk me to my car/grab a drink/ go see a movie.

4. He asks me where I want to go eat and helps me order gluten free.

5. That one time I was late to a chick flick that I begged him to see and accidentally showed up without my wallet, and he still paid for me. And smuggled Cheetos into the theater since they’re my favorite snack in the world.

6. When I asked him if he’d replaced me with another mutual friend his response was “absolutely not but you got a boyfriend.”

7. And regardless of my absence, he’s still there and we get to pick up where we left off.

8. When I call him an “asshole” he calls me things like “a mean name caller”

9. Even if I say half a sentence he gets my joke entirely. Even if I’m mumbling.

10. When I fall asleep during a movie he grabs me a pillow and let’s me put my feet up next to him on the couch. Even when they’ve been in smelly flats all day.

11. He hates when I party too hard and scolds me for it. He also scolds me for dirty hair when I have a date. Both things I hate and get mad at him for.

12. When I send him dumb drunk texts about weirdo subject matters he doesn’t think anything of it.

13. We always have the best time together

14. He’s the friend I need right now. The one I don’t have to worry about being nice to me just to get in my pants. There’s no agenda, no competition. He’s just kind and loving and courteous and I get to be my kind and loving self back without worrying about being taken advantage of.

15. Also he keeps lending me sweatshirts even though the first sweatshirt he ever lent me is still in my closet. And the second one I gave him back smelled like cigarettes and febreeze.

16. And he helps me plan my future out. He cares enough to listen to my plans and offer me insight and approval.


17. And we have Japanese Themed Slumber Parties




18. And he forwards me pics like this


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