Well I haven’t gone running all week … But I also haven’t gone out partying either. Instead I continue to have these wonderful little adventures with my friends.

The other night Danielle let me come over super late after work so I could use her internet to look for Apartments.

I have the best mass text going with her and Stephi. They make my heart so happy.

And last night around 11 pm Ken and I went on a little drive through Santa Monica and Venice. The streets were completely dead and beautiful. I have to say, I love that he let’s me play Dj and I get to show him my favorite songs – especially the indie ones that make me laugh with how weird they are.

I also love that I just have to say “are you hungry?” And even if he’s not he’ll go with me wherever I want. It makes me feel like he wants to spend time with me – which is all a soul wants from her friends.

Life is good.



Categories: Adventures, LA Livin'

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