I am not a vacation person. I know that’s weird. Especially considering the fact that I work in a luxury boutique hotel. My job is to straight up sell the ultimate, seaside vacation. But hear me out:

When I was a kid all we did was travel. Every summer we’d go somewhere magnificent and experience new places, climates, and cultures. I’d come back and everyone who spent their days lounging by the pool, their nights on AOL AIM had all made these incredible bonds. I bonded with my family, sure, but at 15, 16, 17… the memories start to feel more “solo” than “shared.”

So when I became an “adult” (term used loosely) and finally had control over my own resources, I was determined to create a life I didn’t need to vacation from.

And so here I am now at 27 and I just realized that nothing’s changed. I get to work in Malibu everyday. My “9-5” (term used loosely) includes a job I love and my desk is directly across the street from the Pacific Ocean. I live in a little town with ample hiking, but close enough to all the big league restaurants and bars that I can splurge anytime I want. I’m surrounded by incredible people. And when I need some time to recoup, I go for a run or spend time at the beach.

I’m not a typical millennial. I get that. I’m not looking for a job that allows me to travel all the time. I’m not trying to get rich quick or escape the corporate overlord. I want to write and speak my truth, but I don’t care about ever receiving fame or clout. I will probably never book an appointment for plastic surgery or botox. And if I ever get married, (cos that’d be really cool) there’s a chance I’ll only ever have a thin gold band on my finger.

I just want to be creative, feel the sun, and enjoy all the cool people on this planet – and I want to do this every damn day. Not just 10 days out of the year.


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