April : Part Two!

#Chella #Cheyaaa

First of all I’m beyond appreciative that my boss let me take a last minute half day on Friday. Not to mention the fact that he was stoked for me and had all sorts of suggestions for which artists to see.

I’d also like to thank Gate Guard Lucille for ensuring that the first hour of our trip was a memorable sh*t show. Seeing you chase us in your truck as well as on foot was perfection. (In our defense, Lucille, you completely messed up our name and should have let us on property to begin with. In your defense…we did set off the house alarm.)

Thank you fellas for letting me crash your Coachella weekend. You let me sleep in your bed, eat your breakfasts, share your driver, float on your lazy river, ride on your golf cart, slide down your water slides, and even get in on that Polaroid action. You were also really great dance partners. Especially at the Silent Disco that wasn’t so silent.

And obviously – love you beyond words Desi. Thank you for such a phenomenal Coachella weekend. You taught me how to party in college and you continue to be my favorite person to go on drunky adventures with {sober too}. There is no one else on this planet like you, and I feel so stinkin’ lucky I get to call you one of my bests.

All in all, it was exactly as you would predict –  Great people, great music, great vibes. As a bonus I’m now super tan. There was bomb food and unlimited water filling stations. The constant dancing and never ending heat kept me from ever having to use the gross bathrooms.

Here’s the only thing I will say: The Sunday before we left, Pastor Cody gave a very extreme sermon on how we shouldn’t dress like sluts; no exceptions, not even if attending desert-based music festivals. Keep your clothes on, ladies.

Yes he used the word slut.

Despite society’s strong distaste for condemning women who choose to show their bodies, our pastor lovingly slut shamed us, more or less.

But here’s the thing – slut shaming is a phrase used to defend women when they’re condemned for acting like men. What our pastor did was spend 45 minutes lecturing the boys and 15 asking us girls to value ourselves a bit more. It was loving and topical and completely appropriate.

It’s interesting to pack for a music festival, wondering if in fact, modest is hottest. Instead of going in, pep talking myself: Now Jordan Dearest, don’t get into too much trouble, you’re 26 as of a week ago, get it together. I went in with the intention of having a good time, with good people.. including my guy, Jesus.

It was borderline what would Jesus do instead of what should Jordan not do. 

But doesn’t that make sense? I’m not the type to become Boring Bertha. But I also don’t want to live two lives, as I want God and Jesus to be apart of it all. They can see it all anyways, might as well keep them with me.

As it turns out I had an incredible weekend: I didn’t care about the fact that I wasn’t my skinniest after all the birthday celebrations, I wasn’t trying to get naked with anyone. I just danced a lot, opted out of any illegal paraphernalia, but still assisted two friends with sneaking into the venue {because lets be honest the system is whack}.

Also my proudest moment might have been when I convinced my new atheist friend to climb a statue, and when he said “No because if I fall this is it this is when everything ends..” I told him that if he believed in Jesus this wouldn’t be the case; Pastor Cody are you proud of me yet cause I feel like you should be.

And I totally succeeded in convincing him as depicted below. I didn’t win that intramural debate competition in college for nothin’.

Jesus and the love for my new job also convinced me to sell my wristband on day three. A ten thirty Calvin set just seemed like torture. And it’s not like we suffered. Instead we went golf cart ridin’, floatin’, and water slidin’. And then I took a nap. The end.

How many fake wrist bands can you spot?

Aaaaand back at work on Monday sick with a fever and a cough.. #TheStuggle..

Which almost doesn’t seem fair seeing as I was in bed by 10:30 on Sunday night.

But worth it. SUCH A GOOD APRIL. And an incredible start to 26. xo

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