April : Part One!


Happy Birthday Alli!!! xo


This is my third year spending my birthday with Dan & Steph. It’s just so good and so easy. Often there’s nap like activities. And this time I was lucky enough to have Laura join us. These are my people:

Aaand here’s why they hate me {But still love meeee}. All I wanted were photos with flash!


We finally have a roomie picture!

“Babe hold my beer.”


My actual birthday was at work, and I started it with a gluten free cupcake and the corresponding sugar rush:

I ended it climbing a mountain to get the perfect money shot with our very skilled film crew:

I feel so lucky to work with this lady and that she and Coop timed their lunch so they could celebrate my birthday with me 🙂

AND THEN steph surprised me with cake..and candles per say:


Later we re-decorated the cake for alternate purposes:

All I ever want for my birthday is to hang with Momma and be in the sun. Sometimes that means a museum (The Getty circa 2013), a theme park (Disney World circa 2006), but mostly it means kayaking :

And always cocktails:

And presents:



Northwoods Inn {Gluten Free} Cheese Bread though.. 

Two fams means two celebrations! 

It was a REALLY good year, and I think this next one might take some work {in a good way}, but also provide some {really good} answers. Im stoked already. Thank you everyone. xo

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