We Are Not Our Mistakes

The thing about being human is that we are a compilation of our parts, a growing organism, and effervescently imperfect.

Which is why we are not our mistakes, nor should expect to never make mistakes.

On Saturday my girlfriend called me, upset and slightly tipsy. Some harsh words she’d said months ago were coming back to haunt her. Someone had overheard, and unaware of the whole situation, judged my friend.

Here’s the thing that’s taken me 25 hard years to learn: There will always be someone who disapproves, who’s annoyed, who projects, who is a hatin’. You have zero control over this. It will drive you crazy to constantly try and keep tabs on everyone, to always check and make sure that you’re loved and appreciated to the utmost.

Here’s what does matter – love yourself. Be proud of the sum of your parts, the challenges that you’ve overcome, the loves that you’ve had, the chapters of your life, the hobbies you conquer.

I dunno. Must seem silly, but amongst all the turmoil of life – relationships, friendships, and work – I’m so grateful to know who I am and that I always do the best that I can. If something doesn’t work out its not because I didn’t try. It’s not meant to be or might come back around another day.

Categories: Musings & Epiphanies

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