Momma’s Day

Today was Mother’s Day Sunday and I have to say.. It was not only an excellent day, but an excellent weekend. Great morning hanging out with Ma, went for a really hard long run, layed out in the sun catching up on a stack of Vogue, and then I folded all my clean laundry while watching “The Theory of Everything” with Ma.

Part of why the day was so fulfilling, though, was because I was fully emerssed. Aka I didn’t have my phone on me 24/7.

When I’m talking/banging someone, there’s usually intimacy and an ongoing conversation. It’s hard to detach from my phone solely because there’s always another text to answer.

But lately, I’ve been able to fully detach from my phone (other than to snap a photo and Insta it) and consequentially I’m able to fully  engage with whomever I’m with. It’s fantastic.

Also – how many times did I just say “fully?” Huh. I was so sure “awesome” was my catch phrase. Maybe not!


Categories: Holidazes

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