Compilation of my Lovahs

I’ve always claimed that I have such a diverse and extensive music collection – in part because I pick up new genres from each and every man that I date. (There’s such an intimacy from a sincere mix tape intended only for you).

Today, while I was frying up some tofu, and baking some brocolini, I realized I also pick up food habits/tastes/obsessions from the hunnnys I hang around with. And this doesn’t just apply to the men – I would have no clue about how much I need boba in my life, if it wasn’t for a past roommate and best friend.

While I love my mix tapes, I always assumed it was weakness on my part that caused me to pick up new favorite songs from my new lovers. I thought that it meant I wasn’t strong enough in my own preferences. However, today, I realized how many tendencies I’ve picked up from others. So much of what makes up my makeup comes from friends, family, teachers, boys, girls, dogs, whatever.

I suppose that’s the point though, isn’t it? Ma always says that we need to date a lot of boys before settling down, to help us figure out what we like (easier said than done, now that I’ve experienced true heartbreak); but, I also think that we need to date around so we can become a complete person. Ironically.

My parents raised me with all the wisdom, knowledge, and opinions that they had, but there are still holes. Things I don’t agree with, things I just can’t believe without seeing for myself. But my friends and loved ones outside of my nuclear family provide me with another set of facts. So while I use my own filter and my own glue, I am a compilation of all that I love from my loved ones.

So thank you, dearest ones, for all that you give me. Even when we move in separate directions I still hold on to the little bits and pieces.

Meanwhile, this mini update via my iPhone: (HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!!)










…And the recovery:



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