LA Livin’ : The Trials & Tribulations

I swear, only because I live in LA and only because I’m in my twenties…

  1. Do pick up lines include: You know what I learned last week? That a “couple” means two. And you know what else? A “few” sometimes means three!And:

    I think you should come home with me… please?

  2. Beet juice is a real danger to an outfit – also I learned that I should never hand my best girlfriend an open container of beet juice in the car.. and then hit the gas.. while she’s wearing white.. on our way to a corporate mixer..
  3. True Life: I spent all my discretionary income at Whole Foods and had to box dye my hair. (Well I didn’t have to… I was curious.)
  4. I also cannot believe that I’m the only one who wears my LuLuLemons inside out on accident.. and then today they were also backwards which was a new low for me.

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