Ode to BMyers

About a year and a half ago, through some mutual friend’s post, I found Brittany Myers’s YouTube.com page. BMyers and I went to elementary and high school together, we had a couple of AP classes together, but we were never really friends. You know how it goes.

As it turned out, the girl’s voice was phenomenal, and anyone who’s spent even 5 minutes in my Camry, knows that her CD is permanently embedded in my CD player. But I don’t think my friends really knows why I’m so obsessed and it’s never occurred to me to tell anyone until now:

A year and a half ago I was living in Long Beach, working in Newport, dating Mas, and trying to figure out what the heck I wanted. Trying to figure out the missing piece. And then I played Bluebird and that was it. I knew I needed to go out into the world and cognitively look for my happiness.

It’s taken so much out of me, but it feels like I’ve found it. One year, two apartments, three cities, four boys, and two jobs later.

Throughout it all, I listened to Bluebird thousands of times. Each time I thought to myself – “Am I happy? Have I found my Bluebird? No? Okay keep moving forward.” And now here I am. Completely content. And nothing is the same as it was that day I first listened to B’s song.

Funny how music does that to us, huh?

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