Dream weaver

When I was six I had this dream where I met a man. It probably seems trivial, but It was one of the first dreams I remember having, other than the ones where Kirk Cameron held my hand.

It also lasted 4 nights and had multiple parts, which simultaneously overwhelmed and intrigued me. It took me a couple of years to be convinced that I hadn’t foreseen someone I was going to meet.

Since then, I’ve dreamt about this guy maybe 10 times. He has dark hair, dark eyes. One of those faces that looks troubled when it’s resting, but lights up when it’s grinning. His age never changes. The story never changes, but now it’s condensed.

My six year old brain had simplified the complexities of the dream, and translated it into: He was a magical prince much older than 6. He fell in love with me, but was conflicted because he had to rule his kingdom. So he leaves without telling me and I’m stuck in this palace without him, because even if he can’t be with me, he wants to know where I am and know that I’m safe. Eventually, he comes back and his advisors are a little perturbed that he can’t stay away from me…but eventually we live happily ever after.

He showed up again in my dream last night – for the first time in a while – and it occurs to me that I’m now the right age. It’s such an odd thought because this guy is a figment of my imagination – and yet he’s the only person I’ve ever dreamed about that I don’t know. I’ll dream about celebrities, friends, acquaintances, people I’ve seen on the internet, but other than this guy, I’ve never made someone up. On top of all that, I’ve had so many dreams with him, it feels like I know him and who he is.

Such a weird thought. I haven’t been able to move on from it all day.


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