Thank you letter

Dearest Ken,

Well here we are at the end of our Work BFF ness. We’ve both left front desk – you for Florida and me for sales. How ironic that we are still opposing each other… up until the end.

And yet I miss you already.

I knew you were going to be a special one that very first week of working with you when you told me that we’d never be friends.

And holy moly are you a special one to me. Thank you, though, for showing me how good I am. Thank you for showing me how I deserve to be treated. Thank you for those crazy, story-swapping drives to get food, and for the long, quiet drives back. Thank you for letting me loose my shit and for always taking care of me – whether I was shmamered, or upset, or just plain nutso. Thank you for protecting me from evil guests at work when I was at a loss for words. And thank you for having complete faith in me and all my endeavors. I feel so lucky to have had you as my GBFF for the past 6 months. Not only were you a wonderful friend – you came along at the most perfect time. I couldn’t have made it through everything without you.

I hope I was a smidgen of the friend you were to me.

I just can’t figure out how I’ll survive without your daily smart ass comments.

Love you, darlin. And I’m so happy you’re starting in on this next chapter. As happy as I am to have you as my friend, I’m 100 times happier that you’re going after your own happiness.

You deserve the world – the creative success, the family, everything.

I’m a little torn now because I really want to let you be. Let you focus on your life in Florida. But I know I’ll miss ya. So I think I’m just going to leave you alone. If you ever want to talk… feel free to come and let me know. Anytime. Time zones be damned.



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