Thrive and survive with a little compassion

Well so anyone who knows me knows I love my friends with all my heart — but they also know I don’t have patience for incompetence or laziness.

(I literally just this second gave an old lady and her grandchild a dirty look for pushing me off the sidewalk and on to the grass. I mean, she didn’t physically push me, but she wouldn’t make room for me on the sidewalk and I was forced onto the grass. Same thing.)

But I have to admit, the dirty looks don’t make me feel any better. And my inability to handle lazy people at work doesn’t make my life any sweeter. And yelling at people while I drive doesn’t make my drive any smoother.

Again, let me reiterate, I love pretty hard. But patience is not my virtue.

(Just now I was driving and the garbage man parked all the way across the road. It’s LA! The roads are already tiny. WTF dood. Definitely gave this guy a dirty look too, and he just looked amused like I was being a princess. Definitely didn’t make me feel any better about being stuck.)

So maybe I can start a little mini project to stay positive. No more dirty looks, eye rolling, heavy sighs, smart ass responses. If I don’t have anything nice to say I’ll stay quiet.

Meh. This is going to be hard… But quite possibly worth the extra exertions.

(Immediately I come home and my lovely roomie wants to clean the kitchen and get rid of the summer moths. I just want oatmeal and coffee and an episode of Gossip Girl and THEN I want to clean. But trying really, really hard to have patience because she’s really wonderful and only means good and it’s me who’s lacking patience.)


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