20140710-113005-41405654.jpgI’m happy.

It’s funny what a strong thing hope is. But life is good.

I have a sweet friend who’s a boy to bring me wine and face masks and rub my back when I fall asleep next to him on the couch — and there’s no sex to complicate it. I’m going to hafta spend as much time as possible with him until he leaves me forever for better things.


I found enough self respect to end two relationships that were destructive – The first one I will say was so incredibly loving but just not quite right. It was one where neither of us were able to live up to our own potential because we were always trying to make room for the other. The second one; Lordy. I don’t even know. I firmly believe everything has a purpose but that wasn’t a good relationship. I truly hope that this boy finds someone he wants to love on.

I feel really good having moved forward from both. I feel like I’ve opened up my life and made room for more love to come in, even if it’s from friends and not lovers.

And I have so many new friends. New roomies. New work friends.

New home filled with wonderful vibes. It’s seriously so wonderful to be able to have people over and have so much fun doing something so silly as watching music videos. We’ve made our way through the 90’s and now we’re into early 2000’s.

And now there’s hope for a new job – a big girl job. A career.

Life is wonderful.




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