The 24th Year

I’m now 24 years old. Holy moly.

They say some years ask the questions, and some years provide answers. Well there were a hell of a lot of questions that were asked in my 23rd life, so I’m more than ready for some answers, lemme tell ya.

I was a little cautious about how I was going to celebrate this year, because I’m in a new city, with a new job, new friends, and I don’t even have my ex-Hunny to lean on. But somehow, I had an incredible celebration.

Friday: I started the celebrating with some bar hopping in DT Santa Monica!IMG_1887 It worked out that one of my fav co-workers was leaving – which sucks – but it gave us all more reasons to celebrate and have fun.After a fantastic dinner, 3 bars, and one late-night snack, I was finally able to take off my thigh-high, black leather boots with the three inch heel at 3:30 AM, and crawl into a little bed on my girlfriend’s floor. IMG_1914

Saturday: I’ve been blessed with some fantastic friends, but I truly enjoy spending my birthdays with my momma.

So even though I was completely exhausted, I was able to enjoy fantastic homemade food, a 90 minute massage, and some general relaxing!

Sunday: Typical spoiling by my ma. We went for a little 3-mile walk, and then I cleaned out my car, got a car wash, and picked up some basic necessities at CVS and Costco.

Overall, I am truly blessed and ready to enter into this next chapter of life. For the first time I have no idea what will happen because I’m coming out of a transition period. However, I’m excited and happy to be exactly where I am.


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