Champagne from the Gods

Up until recently I’ve been a Sober Sally. And while I was grieving the loss of my relationship it was the perfect thing to do because when I drank I acted like a sad little asshole (excuse my French, but there really isn’t a better term for my behavior). However I think I’ve come to the end of my mourning.

So while I still don’t believe in getting schwasty like I did when I was in college, nor am I the type of gal who likes a glass of wine every night, I am ready to re-add alcohol back into my life. However, I was worried I’d still be a sad little asshole.. so I did the only logical thing and asked the universe to please send me a sign.

Lo and behold, I’m out for an expensive dinner with some girlfriends when a handsome stranger sends our table a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut. Now, this may not seem like a big deal since we were three single girls in an upscale sushi restaurant in Santa Monica, but let me explain: a year ago, when I was working in the catering and events department in a hotel in Newport, this champagne was talked about a lot by my big boss and I kind of became obsessed with it. I even follow Veuve Clicquot on Instagram. But never have a splurged for a bottle because I prefer to spend six bucks for a magnum of Moscato – like all classy gals do.


So thank you, Universe, for easing me back into men and alcohol with such style.

And now here’s a few pics of our crazy good meal at Sushi Roku.



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