Why I’m Single

To figure out :
1. What I want. For a while, I played around with the idea of living a simple life with a simple job and a simple family. But I know in my heart of hearts that’s not what I want. I’m slowly starting to figure it out, but it’s quite the process.
2. What music I like. With each boyfriend came a new playlist. And some of it sticks around even after the guy is gone. What I really love is acoustic and piano. And I love live music.
3. What things I like. Like I really don’t like plants or taking care of animals. I do like cleaning. I like white. I like the beach best of all. And I like simplicity, even though I have to work at it.
4. How to create. I love to write and paint and play music and do anything and everything creative.
5. To have time to work on myself. Run and do barre classes and meditate and pray.
6. Love myself.  at the end of the day, I’m single so I can build my relationship with myself and with God.

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