I have a hankering to write about this sister of mine.

Because… I recently went on a massive John Mayer kick and couldn’t help but remember how many songs I’ve dedicated to her over the years, and not some forlorn lover.

Because… that year she stopped talking to me after I ran my mouth, I dedicated an entire John Mayer album to the sorrow that had seeped in, filling her place.

Because… when I look at posts about sugar cookies, I think about how mad she got at me for adding vanilla.

Because… she currently believes I have stolen her headphones.

Because… she’s the only person ballsy enough to say things like “No… you’re not… you’re actually glad that you’re not with him.”

Because… she’s also the only person who understands my dry, self-deprecating sense of humor. Most likely because I picked it up from her. Or we both got it from the womb. TBD.

Because… No matter how hard I try, we will always be so different. And that will always be The Hardest and The Greatest thing.

Because… I’m so grateful my mother has her. Regardless of not playing favorites, my sister makes my mother’s life easier and sweeter.

Because… My sister makes everyone’s life sweeter. And reminds me to be sweeter.

Because… She’s also the one who taught me how to be biting. How to reach into my core and slap with a phrase of defense.

Because… She’s currently not talking to me and when I lament to my closest friends about this, they say “Well isn’t that just what you two do?”

Because… In some ways, I’m more excited to see who she marries, than who I marry. Who will measure up, who will be good enough. And it’s so thrilling to think about who this individual will be and how they’ll add to the family dynamic.

Because… So much of who I am is because of her. The desire to pinch pennies, to grow my hair, to shop at thrift shops, to dress well, to eat well, to cook well, to do well, to strive well. And those are just this year’s endeavors.

Because… The only small talk question I actually like is when people ask me if I have any siblings.

Because… I’d rather talk about her than me.

Because… I recently found out how annoying she finds this ^^.

Because… Should she show herself and her true thoughts, you will feel as though you must have really done something good to be so worthy.

Because… She and I both have the same tendency to be assholes if we’re really stressed. And having someone who loves me unconditionally but also understands this has been a gift from the damn gods.

Because… While I hate being told what to do, I actually listen when it’s her and will make the appropriate changes 92% of the time.

Because… She’d probably tell you that’s ^^ a lie and I never listen, let alone make the corrective actions.

Because… My mother knows I listen to my sister above all else, and will use my sister to get to me.

Because… She’s always willing to take a ridiculous selfie.

Because…I would be an entirely lesser person without her.

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