Stability Through Food 1


#CBCmalibu Farmer’s Salad a la One Gun Ranch produce

Well so Last Post =  brutally honest account regarding the derailment of life.

The fun part, though, is putting it all back together again. Because it’s not like a jigsaw puzzle where I have 15 pieces and all 15 need to go back together the same way to make a whole. I can chuck and swap and piece together however I wish. Which is awesome. It’s like christmas. I’ve been gifted a whole new wardrobe that I get to piece together with my current go-to-favorites.

I no longer need to keep those combat boots with the loose sole I constantly trip over. I got some new blush suede mules. Hooolllar. And it turns out they look bomb with my fav decade old sundress. (<- this is a true story, guys.)

The foundation of it all, though, is food. N U T R I E N T S. (also a #TrueStory)

And I’m so beyond lucky to be working with holistic health coach Daniela Color Me Complete  again. This lady drops a truth bomb on me every time we interact. 

As things started to spiral I was actually really worried I was wasting my precious time with her. I felt so much guilt that I’d committed to something I really couldn’t physically follow through on. I was failing. I DONT fail.

And then today she goes “The only goal for this entire thing is to omit the guilt. You are not a child with an assignment. Perfect is the enemy of progress.”


Plus she really only had one goal for me this last month, which I’d really improved in: find breakfast and insert into mouth before I insert ass into desk chair. Such a simple little task, but I was doing okay at it, and as a result, I was a little more stable.

Through her coaching, I was also much more aware of my desire to emotionally eat. I cognitively choose salmon salad (who am I) instead of pizza (seriously who am I). And I liked it. (Whaaa).

So not only did she get me through this rough patch, but now that my isssh has calmed down I get to really focus on some legit Food Goalz. Here’s all the exciting things I have comin’ my way! (And you too by association. So get excited.)

  1. Plant-based diet focus
  2. Cutting down on caffeine, sugar, wine (kill me. but necessary cause these are the things that will actually kill me.)
  3. Hormone tracking
  4. Grocery shopping … cheaply (buh bye my beloved Whole Foods)
  5. More simple home cooked meals… cooked in my tiny pseudo studio kitchen.. food prep
  6. Smoothies in the AM maybe? 

STOKED though. Stay tuned.

Other weird little changes I’m all about: 

  1. Growing my hair out… and I’m determined that it’s NOT guna be the most awkward experience ever
  2. Simplifying (an ongoing project. pictures to come.)
  3. Taking care of my skin… moisturizers. (ugh. getting so old.)
  4. Vitamins? maybe?
  5. Money stuff. Because I’m an adult now.
  6. Going to bed before 10pm… preferably 9:30pm. 
  7. Thrift shopping. I don’t believe in forever21 and I really love when I find cool pieces. And there’s a GoodWill everywhere. 

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