Long Weekend Summer Shenanigans


There’s nothing like blowing of a leetle steam after a long week. Even when you look haggard from said week.

Grateful for this lady though. Grateful to have her by my side at work, and whilst eating pizza.


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On Saturday we cleaned our porch (finally), which included a boat load of wine bottles. In our defense we were going to get all Pintresty but ended up just confirming our potential alcoholism with tangible proof.

This guy was stoked though.

A few months ago our unofficial¬†recycling¬†guy and I got into an argument because he was blocking my car with his baby carriage full of cans, and I was late to work. So I feel like we’re even now. You’re welcome, guy.

Mister Grayson’s third birthday

Tried another church. Very weird experience. Very very weird. The lead singer fellow reminded me of Sid from Skins though so at least that was nice.


The Fourth. I know ya’ll think I’m lame but I deep cleaned the house, ran 6 miles, and ate clean (ish). I’m a very satisfied, happy camper.

Also I figured out how to work the tv! And the Apple TV!


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