Medium, Awkward Length Hair.. Kinda Care

I’ve officially committed to growing my hair out. Which means it’s entered that awful stage of being midlength. AKA: too short to lay heavy, too long to be light and lovely. All I want to do it pull it in a bun every single freakin’ day. And even when I straighten it, I inevitably end up grabbing a hair tie and pulling it into a pony in order to keep it out of my face.

Which sounds romantic – sounds like Violet grabbing her ribbon in A Series of Unfortunate Events – but really all it does is come across as lazy.

Coincidentally, my previous flat iron started sparking the other week and came quite close to catching fire. And not in a really great, Jennifer Lawrence kinda way. So I went to Sephora and bought this little baby:

GHD Platinum Professional Styler  – Life changing 

So here is goes, SEVEN DAYS OF HAIR.

DAY ONE: Overslept. Obviously.

And yet, my hair is done! But I also totally forgot deodorant. Efff.

DAY TWO: I have an event tonight so I need to look somewhat decent. Also I’m running late.

Post run and shower … Sans hair, sans makeup, sans potential outfit. All seems futile.

However I used my handy dandy flat iron to do the second most basic trick after straightening – curling. Which translated into body more so than curl.


I literally cannot touch my hair.

DAY THREE: Natural state : Curly & Clean. The most difficult and un-cooperative of all hair states.

It became easily apparent that neither straightening nor curling would work to tame the whole head. So

a nice pony tail to keep it all in check: 

Even though it’s in a pony, it’s a well put together pony.

Judge me. I dare you. The point is that I tried.

DAY FOUR: Can we just take a minute to acknowledge that it’s actually quite hard to take a decent selfie first thing after a good, hard, AM workout.

(So many photos. So many filters.)

Whatever. Hair works. Late late late!

DAY FIVE: I mean.. whatevs.

THE WEEKEND: Since the ultimate goal is growing my hair to a decent length, I need it to be healthy!  Therefore I can completely justify the fact that I didn’t do my hair once this weekend! Holllaaaar.


I’m more tired of selfies than I  am of doing my hair at this point.

DAY SEVEN: Totes forgot to take the “before” pic before leaving the house.

 Also forgot to take the “after” pic… so here’s an accidental photo of my pony that I took whilst attempting a selfie with my gfree jar o’ cake.

I’ve realized, that when I take the time to do my hair, even if it ends up in a pony, I also take the time to do my makeup; and after all that effort, I don’t want to blow it with a lazy outfit. 

Whereas before there were days I would get ready and think, “Good Lord Almighty I hope no one sees me today.”


Should be no surprise that I was treated better, taken more seriously, given more inappropriate looks when walking down the street, and overall felt better about myself.

All in all, I’d say SEVEN DAYS OF HAIR was a smashing success.  

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