My Mother & Her Beeping Car

 So this past week I got mind blowingly sick with food poisoning for a full 7 days. Needless to say I was sick of Netflix, naps, and my bathroom floor .. and totally down for a little one on one time with Ma.

By Sunday I’d consumed almost an entire pack of probiotics and was feeling okay so I went with my parents to go buy a new SUV.

Long story short, at the end of the day we had a fantastic experience at the dealership (shocking) and found a 2016 model car that was released early and had everything EXCEPT the ability to parallel park itself (Haha not joking. Some models of this car can do this!).

<<<One thing to note – I am a horrible parallel parker, not really a great driver in general. There’s duct tape around my side mirror to prove it. My mother is an excellent parallel parker and lives in Orange County where parking lots rule all. >>

Anyways my step dad and I both voted “no” on the parallel parking assist. But really we should have kept our mouths shut because now the car doesn’t beep when it gets close to objects – IE cars, poles, walls, people. Which is crucial in a big SUV.

I completely comprehend that this is the definition of a first world problem. My mother and I looked like a meme crying about it. But they’re paying so much – I want her to have exactly what she wants.

She DESERVES to have exactly what she wants. If she wants her car to beep… It should beep gosh dammnit.

My mother does everything humanly possible for my sister and I. She’s constantly giving up purchasing things for herself, so she can get something for us. She spends time doing what we need/want instead of what she needs/wants. If we call her in the middle of the night.. she’s up and ready to tackle whatever challenge we have.

And I feel like she should have a car that beeps. The end.

But so here’s my hard and honest conclusion – I want her car to beep so badly in order to justify that she’s happy. That way I can go back to my own little world. Aka shamefully not answering all her texts, letting her voicemails pile up (vm’s can suck it I’m sorry they are the worst), rolling my eyes when she’s asked if I’ve done something (because obv I don’t have the time to deal).

I suck in all the ways that 25 year olds can suck. And I’m not proud. And I need to be a better friend and daughter to my mom so at the end of the day she can sleep not giving a damn if her car beeps because she feels loved and appreciated with or without that. Because the little things don’t matter as much when the important things are there. And as her daughter it’s part my job to make sure that happens. The end.

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