Industry Perks : Dining 

To be completely honest with you, I totally didn’t plan to have a career in the hospitality industry .. I fell into it on accident. And now I really love it.

I love working at a not-so-corporate, beachside, urban, luxury resort where we get to tailor the experience to each guest/group/bride. Not to mention the product itself is incredible.

I mean..look at this friggen bathtub..


But another part of working at such a place means I come into contact with some pretty cool people; some of which are chefs!

Monday night my girl, Steph, and her guy, Alex, and I went to Chef Ray Garcia’s new place – B. S. Taqueria. A more casual, offspring of Broken Spanish.

It was mind blowingly fantastic. And a wee bit spicey.


<<So many new foods we were able to experience and enjoy!! >>

 <<Third wheelin’ and dealin’ >>

Jk 😉

Explaining the severity of my gluten allergy. Blech. Such a pain.

I formally apologize to every restaurant I ever venture to in advance.

Before BST, though, we ventured to Perch to blow all our money on a single drink!

 << Totes worth it. >>

 << Literally this girl and I have the best time together >>


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