WeHo boys

So last night we branched out and ventured out of our Santa Monica oasis and into WeHo. It’s funny because even when my ex-hunny and I lived there, we stayed in a lot. We were always trying to save money. And when we did go out we went back down to Huntington Beach.

So now, being the single ladies that we are, let me tell you the guy to girl ratio is phenomenal. And they’re all so ballsy. Within ten minutes of being there some guy hit on me, called me a bitch, and then hit on me again.

Props man. You’re a douche. But still props. 

One really cute babyfaced guy could even take my shit-talking banter.

I.e. asshole comments like:

Why didn’t you say hello to my friend? 

A show I relate to? Orange is the New Black (because I’m a lesbian in prison?)

Oh you work on a tv show? I’m one of those assholes who don’t watch tv sorry. 

His rapore and witty banter was on point though:

Oh you girls are from Santa Monica? You mean where everyone stands around in circles too cool to talk to other people. 

Spot on summary of Santa Monica. Thus why I’m not conditioned to understand this behavior right now.

Categories: Adventures, LA Livin', Men

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