All That I’ve Learned

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/dbb/66427892/files/2014/12/img_8440.pngWhat can I do now that I wasn’t capable of 12 months ago? Well for starters… I can breathe again.


But in all seriousness, Lordy does life change so fast? And New Years is such a perfect time to acknowledge that:

  • This time last year when everything was falling apart I couldn’t even pray for the strength to get me through. Now I can pray, meditate, and sing along awkwardly in church on Sundays.
  • This time last year I was struggling to run a few miles on a treadmill. It wasn’t that I didn’t love to run, I just couldn’t find a safe course having just moved to LA. Now I have a selection of 6 and 7 mile courses, and have added spin, yoga, and barre to my repertoire.
  • This time last year I wanted so badly to be a writer but couldn’t grab hold of my voice. Now I’m 50 posts deep on with more ideas bursting forth so quickly I’m constantly writing them down as notes in my phone. Sometimes while driving. (Sorry Mom. And also sorry SMPD. Thanks for letting it go that one time you caught me..)
  • This time last year I’d rather drive around for hours then sit at home alone. And honestly, I still love to drive long distances for no reason (Sorry Earth. I know it’s bad for you and I love you. But it helps keep me sane.). However, I can also spend extended periods of time in my wonderful, little apartment all by myself!
  • I now understand the importance behind moisturizing (Thanks MayMay.) and even use toner and a body scrub. I’m also now terrified of getting old and will do everything in my power to put off wrinkles.. Gah.
  • This time last year I couldn’t figure out how sweeping with a broom worked. Now I sweep, mop, bleach the grout in my bathroom, dust, wipe out the sinks and counters. The other day I even pulled all the hair clogging up my shower drain with a wire hanger AND ran Draino down it. I still have no idea how to fix my garbage disposal…but I DGAF at this point. There’s people I can call for that.

A lot has changed. Last year asked the questions. And this year answered them. Painfully and beautifully. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings. xo

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