30 Day Notice

I’m in the final thirty days of living with my ex-bf. (Hallelujah!) But as time presses on, I’m coming to realize that I’m not quite in the clear yet, and it’s not going to be an easy 30 days.

This is my first real relationship where we’ve combined friends and mixed together family. Not to mention movies and dishes and books and linens.

I thought for sure we could split and still share a few friends but I don’t think that works. And I’m realizing how healthy it is to completely detach.

Sure it hurts to know that I’m going to be the butt of their jokes for a bit. Instead of talking about that one chick who ditched all her friends for her boyfriend, they’ll be talking about me and what an asshole I am.

But I guess that’s life. I’m far from perfect; therefore, there’s a trillion things you can point out about me that make me an asshole. So it’s not like their wrong. And if anyone knows my flaws it’s my ex-bf and my former best friend. So Cest la vie.

Regardless of all that, life is wonderful. I don’t even have to try to be happy anymore. I have wonderful girlfriends who keep my heart full, a sweet hunny who dances for me on a weekly basis, and I’m back to healthy habits – running 6+ miles, eating well, sleeping, and cutting out the alcohol. Happy happy.









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